Interview Tips

Interview Tips


Know exactly what role you are being interviewed for and research both the role and the practice/company. Ask your consultant to email you a job specification and look up the firm via the internet, newspapers or law magazines.


Think ahead and try to pre-empt what type of questions you may be asked. Go over your specialist areas and fields and look at what your skills and weaknesses are.


Make sure you know the day, time and location for your interview – Many companies and practices have more than one office location! Also know who to ask for when you get there.


Look smart – First impressions go a long way!

Time keeping

Be punctual - Leave plenty of journey time particularly when travelling in the rush hour and don’t be late. Lateness does not reflect well on candidates.

Smile and Relax

Even though your stomach might be churning and your palms sweating just try to relax and enjoy the experience. A smile can make all the difference and can turn someone from looking very nervous to very confident and friendly. Remember that an interview is also a chance for you to assess the company and role as well.


Listen to what the company requires and try to answer accordingly.


If you feel yourself getting nervous and start forgetting your name just take deep breaths. Ask for questions to be repeated if you need a little time and don’t forget that your interviewer is only human!


Have a couple of questions ready and don’t be afraid to ask them.


Once your interview has finished, give your consultant a call to have a chat about how it all went and find out if there is any feedback.

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